What’s in the BMW M6? 5 things you need to know

What’s the BMW 6 Series?

This is the car the BMW Group has been selling for almost four years now, and it has been a hit in many parts of the world.

Its name has been synonymous with quality, safety, and comfort for many, but its true legacy is what’s in this car.

The 5.0-litre engine is the same one that powered the 6 Series, but there’s a different powerplant and different fuel economy.

It produces 540bhp and 518lb ft of torque, and a combined output of 330bhp to the rear wheels, and 320bhp in the front.

This makes it slightly quicker than the outgoing model, but less efficient than the M5, and more expensive than the new M6.

It’s rated at a top speed of 160mph, which is a nice achievement for a compact car that’s only around 150kg lighter than the S6.

If you’re looking for a great daily driver, you can always upgrade the M6 with the BMW 7 Series, which will offer even more power and torque.

The BMW M5 is available in five different trim levels, including the S7 and S7 Plus, and is rated at 4,769kg and 3,066lb ft respectively.

If that’s not enough to make you want to buy the BMW S7, you might also want to check out the BMW X6, which starts at 3,739kg and 2,839lb ft.

There are also options for the M7, including a Premium package, which costs an extra $1,495.

This car comes with a manual transmission and a six-speed manual, but it does not come with a heated or cooled roof.

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