When Amazon customers have to send passwords, their online safety goes up

Amazon customer service has been flooded with calls about customers who are being asked to fill out online authentication requests.

And while Amazon has promised to do more, the company has not yet made public any details about how it plans to handle the problem.

Amazon’s response comes as the company is facing a growing number of consumer complaints over its handling of identity theft and other security breaches. 

The Amazon Customer Service team says the requests are sent in the normal course of its business, but customers are being told to provide their personal information if they choose to send them. 

“Amazon will not provide personal information to any third parties, including the FBI, in connection with any inquiry relating to an identity theft claim,” a spokesperson told ESPN.

“Our customer service team has been working with Amazon to ensure that any requests for personal information are handled in a safe and professional manner.” 

According to Amazon, the requests for information include: “a username, a password, a date of birth, a ZIP code, an email address, a telephone number, an IP address, an operating system, or a device serial number.” 

In response to the requests, Amazon’s spokesperson says the company’s process for handling customer requests is “well-established” and has been in place since November 2015.

“Amazon is committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best customer service possible,” the spokesperson said.

“Amazon does not provide any personal information, including your personal information or email address to third parties without your express consent.

Amazon will not share your personal data or personal information that we receive from third parties with law enforcement or other entities without your explicit consent.”

Amazon has not shared a single person who has been victimized by an identity thief, but some of the company´s top executives have had their email and phone accounts hacked.

Last month, Amazon announced that it was testing a new feature to help customers identify the identities of criminals using its email, phone and social media accounts.

Amazon also announced it was extending its free trial to two months, which will provide customers with an additional two years of free access to its products and services.

Amazon is also offering two-day delivery on some products in the United States. 

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