The 10 best dogs in the world

Mashable listicles the top 10 best dog breeds, which includes the Irish Fox Terrier, Great Pyrenees, Chow Chow and Dachshund.

But a dog’s temperament and intelligence are the most important attributes when choosing a pet.

In this article, we explore the 10 best personality traits for a dog and its pros and cons.


Canine intelligence is the name of the game, says Mark F. Williams, the founder and CEO of Dog Mentor, an online support organization that focuses on training and training for dogs.

“It’s a great question because dogs have a lot of different personalities,” he says.

“And we’ve seen that there’s a lot to like about each individual.

So we think that when you look at a dog, you’re not going to see the same thing for all dogs.”


You want a dog with a healthy body.

According to Williams, dogs are the best animals to breed because they have the capacity to thrive on a low-calorie diet and are naturally curious.

“They’re very intelligent and they can be very playful,” he said.

“When we have people say, ‘Oh, you need to go to a puppy mill, because there’s too much puppy mill dogs in this country,’ we don’t see that as a problem.

We think that a dog that’s going to grow up to be healthy and strong and good looking and good with other people is the best.”


Your dog needs exercise and a well-socialized environment.

If your dog is being socialized in a traditional home environment, it can get into trouble.

The American Humane Association reports that in the U.S., the majority of dogs are raised in single-parent households.

While many of these homes are not “humane” in terms of the way animals are treated, the result is that dogs are often left in the wild, where they can become aggressive and territorial.

It’s important for your dog to be socialized before you put him in the cage.

“A lot of times when a dog is going to be put into a cage, they’re very territorial, they’ll be very aggressive and it’s a very difficult situation for the animal,” Williams said.

If you want to train your dog, make sure it has a well developed socialization routine.

For example, if your dog doesn’t have a leash or a play area, make it an exercise area.


If there’s one thing you know about your dog’s personality, it’s that you can’t control it.

According of the American Veterinary Medical Association, over 90 percent of the population has some level of personality disorder.

Williams says it’s important to get your dog evaluated by a qualified professional.

“In general, the more the dog has a history of emotional and behavioral problems, the greater the chance they have of developing personality disorder,” he explains.

“That means they have a history for developing anger, aggression, and some of the negative traits.”


Your pet has a unique style of play.

The first thing you need when you find out your pet is a dog lover is to know what their personality is.

Williams explains that when it comes to training, there are several important aspects of how a dog behaves.

“You have to understand what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are, and then you have to be able to work with them and work with their training,” he explained.

“So they need to be treated as individuals, but there are other traits that are important for the dog to have.”

Williams also said that if you are a dog trainer, you should learn how to recognize the characteristics of dogs, so you can make the most out of your time.

“The most important thing for us to do when we’re working with a dog to teach them is to be very gentle with them,” he added.


You need to get a puppy, not a puppy groomer.

“Puppies are like little kids,” says Williams.

“Once you have a puppy you have kids and they are a lot more likely to get into a fight or other problem and you’re going to have to work on getting them to be kinder and gentler.”

While a puppy grooming or puppy obedience course can help you get your puppy to play nicely with other puppies, it may not be the best option for a full-fledged dog owner.

“If your dog wants to be a full puppy, then you need a groomer,” he advised.

“Because once you have puppies, you don’t want them to get all messed up or have a temper tantrum.

So the groomer is the one person you have in the home who can really get your puppies to play nice and to stay in line.”


Dogs are social creatures, so it’s not just about being a good dog handler.

“Dogs are really social animals and they love to socialize with people,” said Williams.

And he said that socializing with your dog can be the biggest difference between a dog who

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