Microsoft and Amazon are looking to boost their partnership, but who’s in the loop?

Posted January 25, 2019 10:01:38Microsoft has announced that it’s investing $250 million in a new cloud-based storage service, dubbed Microsoft Azure, which it says will be available to customers on a “quantum leap” ahead of the launch of its Azure cloud services on January 25.

That’s a little more than $1 billion, but it’s a sign of just how much Microsoft wants to build a cloud-focused enterprise offering around its Azure platform.

Microsoft’s Azure storage service is designed to let businesses run and manage their data, with a focus on delivering the most advanced, enterprise-grade data services.

It’s currently available only on a few desktop and mobile platforms, and Microsoft hasn’t shared details about the service’s capabilities, but Microsoft says it plans to roll out the service to all customers in the coming months.

Azure is also expected to support a variety of business-focused cloud-centric solutions, from enterprise-level storage for its enterprise customers to file storage for users of other cloud-specific services.

That could include Microsoft’s own enterprise-focused Azure portal, which could be used to store user data and manage business processes across Azure.

Microsoft has said it plans on making Azure available to all Windows and Mac OS X users, though there’s no confirmation on when that will happen.

The service also has a variety on other platforms, including Linux and Docker, and the company says it has plans to expand that to other Linux-based operating systems as well.

Microsoft is partnering with AWS, which is Microsoft’s largest cloud computing partner.

AWS is one of the most popular providers of cloud computing services for enterprises, with more than 180 million customers, according to its own data.

The partnership will give Microsoft the opportunity to offer more cloud-backed storage services to its customers, especially as cloud computing becomes more widely adopted.

The Azure cloud service is expected to be available for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform in the next few months, with Azure’s first batch of customers expected to begin using it later this year.

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