New York Times Op-Ed: No, Hillary Clinton is not a racist, sexist pig

The New York Post has published an op-ed in which it asserts that the candidate who was not allowed to speak at the 2016 Republican National Convention because she was a woman and had not been invited by the party is not racist, sexism, or xenophobic.

The piece, by The Post’s Matt Viser, argues that the RNC should have allowed Ms. Clinton to speak because it was “the right thing to do.”

Ms. Viser then proceeds to say that it is wrong to be “obsessed with a candidate’s gender, her race, her skin color, her accent, her hair style, her height or her weight.”

“The only reason Donald Trump is the Republican nominee is because he can win and win the popular vote,” Ms. Rhee, the former first lady and current Fox News contributor, writes.

“We need to stop talking about him as a racist because that is not the candidate he is.”

“He is the candidate that many Americans, including white, Christian Americans, are voting for,” she adds.

“If he was the Republican candidate, we would have heard him speak at his convention and not be concerned about what he said about Mexicans and refugees.”

“We must never forget that Hillary Clinton, like so many other white, Catholic, conservative Christians, was a ‘woman of color’ and an ‘ex-wife’ and a ‘convict.'”

Ms. Trump, the Republican frontrunner, did not return the Post’s request for comment.

Ms. Cottam, the co-author of the op-ing, has also been a vocal critic of Ms. Sanders, who has also had a rocky relationship with the media, and said that she has been “treated badly” by Ms. Fiorina’s campaign.

Ms Cottad, who is a CNN contributor, is also the cohost of the weekly “Inside Politics” podcast.

Ms Viser argues that Ms. Cruz has been unfairly maligned and accused of being racist and sexist because she does not wear her hair in a “traditional” hairstyle, as the Democratic presidential candidate does.

“The ‘traditional’ hairstyle has become a badge of honour for a certain type of white, conservative woman,” Ms Vizer writes.

She also claims that Ms Cruz “has repeatedly denied that she is a woman” and that she does “not want to be called a ‘racist.'”

Ms Cruz’s campaign responded to the Post piece on Monday, saying that Ms Cittad is “not an expert” on the 2016 race and that “she has never called Donald Trump a racist.”

The Cruz campaign added that Ms Fiorina’s rhetoric on the campaign trail is “absolutely false” and the Republican Party “should never, ever, call someone a racist” for voting for her.

The Cruz team also noted that Ms Rhee “is a well-respected journalist with a long history of critical reporting on the GOP.”

Ms Rhees statement did not directly address the op.

The Post article also says that Ms Carson has repeatedly spoken out against Ms Trump, and that Mr. Carson “has been called racist, misogynistic, and sexist by others” and is “taken to task for his comments.”

“While the media and Hillary Clinton are claiming that Carson is racist, the truth is he is not,” Ms Rhea says.

“Carson has always called Trump racist.

He has been called sexist.

He called Trump a misogynist.

He is called racist.”

Ms Carson, who says she will not run for president again, is the only Republican candidate who has not endorsed Mr. Trump.

She told CNN last week that “it’s very, very disappointing” that the media is focusing on Ms. Carson’s views on race.

“I just don’t think it’s appropriate to get involved in a conversation about that,” she said.

“It’s not a fair discussion.”

“I think it has to do with race, and it’s really not my time to decide whether or not the Republican party is racist or sexist or whatever,” she added.

“But if you want to do something about it, I just don, too.”

The Post also asserts that Ms Clinton is “a former first family member, a U.S. senator, a former secretary of state, and a former first daughter,” and that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, is a “legendary figure.”

“She is the woman of the American political scene,” Ms Cotta says.

But she says she is not interested in playing a role in the race for the White House because she believes “her party has been wrong on so many issues.”

Ms Cotto also said that the GOP should have spoken out about Ms Clinton’s comments on immigration because “they should have condemned” them and “instead” have focused on Ms Cruz.

“Instead, they’ve said ‘She should just keep talking and let her do her thing,’ which is to talk about her husband’s sex scandals,” she told

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