Which is better, Twitter or Slack?

In a recent tweet, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo explained that Twitter’s messaging app Slack is the better choice because it’s easier to use and less prone to bugs.

Slack, of course, has a built-in email client called Trello.

Twitter users, on the other hand, are looking for an app that will send their notifications to their contacts and calendar.

It’s not that Slack is better than Trello, it’s just that Slack offers more features.

“If you use Slack, it should be much easier to do stuff on your phone, too,” Costolo said.

The company has recently added an RSS reader to Slack, but it’s unclear if that feature will make the app a better alternative to Trello for people who use a lot of Trello cards.

The new feature will likely be a welcome addition for users of Slack who want to get things done on their phones.

We recently spoke with one Slack user who said that Trello has the features he needs in Slack.

However, he said that he prefers Slack because he can just type in his email address and send it right away.

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