‘Fraud in the name of sport’ as Italian newspaper criticises FIFA

In an opinion piece published on Monday, the daily Corriere della Sera called on FIFA to be “wiped clean” of fraud and corruption and to be investigated into allegations of financial and other abuses.

The article was based on a new investigation by the anti-corruption watchdog, Corriamadore.

It says that in the past year alone, the FIFA executive committee had approved over $12m in bribes.

FIFA said in a statement that it had not received the article and it had no further comment.

It said that the article “does not reflect the views of Corriemadore and we do not condone the content.”

FIFA, meanwhile, said in an email to The Independent that it is committed to transparency.

“It is important to point out that the publication of such a piece, which has been linked to a number of other investigations and is based on false information, is completely unfounded,” the statement read.

It also said that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing by the governing body in any aspect of the investigation.

“In fact, as the report makes clear, the investigation has only uncovered allegations of serious misconduct, including fraud and bribery.”

It added: “The investigation is ongoing, and it will not be appropriate to comment further at this time.”

The article by Corrierense was published in a separate piece, called ‘Moneygram: Money, Lies and Corruption’, which was published on Sunday.

The main point of the piece was that moneygram.com, a popular web hosting service, was not registered with the authorities.

It was based in Switzerland and had been selling services to FIFA and other football associations for years.

The story was based largely on leaked documents from a whistleblower who claimed to have seen “an array of corruption at FIFA”.

In the piece, the whistleblower, whose name was withheld, claimed that the moneygram website was registered in a Switzerland bank account.

The whistleblower claimed that he had access to documents, including “confidential correspondence, that reveal the extent of money-laundering and the financing of FIFA activities.”

“FIFA and its affiliates were, in effect, laundering the money of others.

This has been confirmed by the Swiss authorities,” the whistleblower wrote.

He alleged that the documents showed “fraud and bribery on a scale of billions of dollars”.

The whistleblower said he also saw “an extensive operation of the Swiss financial police, which are part of FIFA’s international police.”

“This is not a case of money laundering,” he wrote.

“Fraud and corruption are not the result of ‘financial engineering’.

These are crimes.”

In the article, the journalist claimed that in 2015, FIFA approved the sale of three FIFA sports properties, the Centro de Estudios Footballes, which is owned by the Brazilian soccer federation, and the Centros de Reisbol, which was sold to Spanish sports group Eibar for $2.2bn.

“This was a crime.

These transactions were criminal,” the journalist wrote.

In a separate article published on Friday, Corribal, the official newspaper of Corrège, said that “the report by the Corrire della Sista” had been published on the day after the FIFA congress, and that the report contained “serious errors”.

It said it had written to the FIFA secretary general and that it was considering its next steps.

“We know that the news article contains serious errors,” the newspaper said.

“A clear statement is needed from FIFA to explain these errors.” “

Corriere is aware that this was published two days after the congress of FIFA and we are going to examine it in detail,” the publisher said in its statement.

“A clear statement is needed from FIFA to explain these errors.”

The sports editor at Corrier said that it “is deeply disappointed” by the article.

“As a journalist I have worked for the last 20 years with journalists and have been in the media industry for a long time, I do not expect journalists to behave like this,” the editor said.

Corriestadore also said it was investigating the Correa administration, but that it would not comment further until it has a “full and transparent” investigation. “

He is a reporter who has not done anything other than to report what has happened, and to criticise it.”

Corriestadore also said it was investigating the Correa administration, but that it would not comment further until it has a “full and transparent” investigation.

The investigation into the Corriban administration’s links to the scandal over the awarding of the 2018 World Cup has not yet started.

FIFA is also investigating the 2018 election of Correa as president of FIFA, which saw him become the first Latin American to serve in the role since the end of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in 1982.

Correa has denied any

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