Microsoft: ‘No harm, no foul’ with fitness tracker Fitbit

In response to the controversy surrounding Fitbit’s Fitbit Charge HR, Microsoft is reportedly planning to offer a replacement that is designed to provide more accurate data.

According to a report from TechCrunch, the company is planning to launch a new fitness tracker that will provide the company with more accurate information about how active people are.

The company says that this information will allow it to better understand the types of activities that users engage in and how they perform in different activities.

Microsoft is also reportedly looking to make the new Fitbit device a little more affordable for consumers.

As the report notes, this may be because Fitbit is offering the new product in its existing market of Fitbit Fit2, Fitbit Flex, and Fitbit Surge devices.

This is similar to the fact that Fitbit launched the new device in its older, less powerful Fitbit X devices, but this time the new devices come in a larger price range.

However, Microsoft’s new product could be more expensive than the existing Fitbit devices, as the company may want to offer the new products as a bundled package with its existing fitness trackers.

It’s unclear what the company plans to do with the new fitness tracker that it has been developing.


the company will continue to offer its fitness trackors in its traditional devices and in its new devices that include the new data.

Microsoft’s fitness tracker was one of the first products to be launched for Windows 10, and the company has been offering fitness tracking software since at least 2014.

However as Microsoft’s hardware partners have grown in number and sophistication, the Fitbit platform has slowly begun to fall behind the curve.

For instance, Microsoft released the first-ever Fitbit Connect IQ product earlier this year and recently launched the Fitpoint fitness tracker in 2018.

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