How to get a service station back, even when you’ve been out of service for years

Tracfones, Sprint, and other prepaid phone companies have been getting away with not reopening phone lines to consumers. 

But they’ve been doing it for a while now, and now that we’ve seen how slow they have been, the time has come for a new solution.

 Here’s how to get your phone lines reopening after years of being out of business: 1.

Get a service center.


Ask for help from a service rep.


Get the old phone numbers and addresses.


Call the company and ask to speak to a service manager.


Tell them that you want to get services back.


Ask them if you can get service from the other party.


They will take your phone and give you an offer to talk.


Ask about your bill.


You will get a phone call from the company.10.

The phone call will tell you if they can re-establish service or not.


If they can’t, they will ask you if you want your old phone number and/or the old address.

If you don’t want either, the company will ask to put them back in your old order.


You should call the company again.


If the company still hasn’t restored service, they can get a bill from you.14.

The company will send a new bill for your old bill.15.

The new bill will tell them you should return your old number and address.


Call their phone number again and ask if they have any other information about you that they can give you.

They’ll give you more information about the problem, and they’ll let you know how to contact the company to try to get service back.

The problem with this is that, at this point, they are only getting their old phone and address information from you and will be unable to get back the old number or address.

That means that you have to call them and make an appointment to have them send a bill to you.


The person you called will tell a different story about what happened.

They can say you were a new customer, that the phone company didn’t want to work with you, or that the person you talked to was a rep. 

The reason for this is because, in order for the phone companies to re-open, they need to contact you again.

They are going to do this in two steps:1.

The first step is to call the phone number on your old bills.2.

The second step is that you must also get a new phone number for your new phone and/as the old one is no longer in service. 

A service rep is called and they will then send a $10 bill to your old account and re-activate your phone.

The company will also contact you by phone to explain what has happened and what they can do to help.

They then tell you what they will do next to get you back into service.


If your old phones have been used, you can still use them and they still can’t re-access your old accounts.


You can get an order for your phone back by calling the company that is currently servicing your account and getting the old bill, and then you will get an email with instructions on how to reissue your phone number. 

There is also an option to get all the old phones and all the addresses back as well, but this is more expensive.


You might be able to reestablish service by calling Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint Plus.


You may be able reestablish services by calling Verizon and getting a new order.

This is usually the easiest and fastest option.


The last option is to talk to a company representative and ask them to rebook your phone numbers.

This may be the only option if you are not able to get the old numbers or addresses back.

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