Samsung’s new ‘Smartphone-like’ TV with ‘smart features’ is ‘a great TV, not a phone’

Samsung is finally releasing its own smart TV that doesn’t rely on a smartphone to control the TV, but instead makes use of Samsung’s cloud-based technology.

Samsung says the Samsung Smart TV, called the Smart TV 5, is a “truly personalized” TV that has “a great set of features that are all built into the device itself.”

You’ll be able to control various content apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video, as well as control your TV’s volume and brightness, pause and resume live TV broadcasts, and more.

The Smart TV is powered by Samsung’s own Cloud TV platform, which allows Samsung TV devices to interact with each other via a “cloud-based TV platform.”

The SmartTV 5 uses a 3D projector and a touch screen to interact through the app interface, with the display controlling the app’s interface.

The interface is a touch-screen, with a large menu button on top.

Samsung is also making a few key changes to the SmartTV app, like changing the interface to look more like Netflix or Hulu Plus, which has a smaller screen and less interactivity.

But, as far as features go, the Smart TVs software is identical to the TV apps it supports.

There are a few new apps and a couple of updates.

Netflix, for example, has a new feature that allows users to “subscribe to new shows or movies” on the TV’s web interface.

Samsung has also improved the TV app’s “featured” features, including support for “up to eight simultaneous video streams, including HD and 4K content.”

The new SmartTV feature allows users the ability to access “upto 8 simultaneous streams, both on the web and through the cloud.”

In addition, the app now has a “more immersive viewing experience.”

Samsung is currently releasing the Smart Television 5 on October 18 for $99.99 in the US and $199.99 outside the US.

If you’re in the UK, you can pre-order it from Samsung’s website, where it will be available in November.

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