How to use your iPhone and Google Voice for more than just chatting

How to get a Google Voice or Apple Music connection from your iPhone.1.

Open your iPhone’s Settings app.2.

Tap the Menu button on the bottom left.3.

Tap Settings.4.

Tap Phone Calls.5.

Tap your iPhone number and tap Continue.6.

Tap Auto Data Sync.7.

Tap Continue.8.

Tap iCloud Sync.9.

Tap continue.10.

Tap Sync Your Contacts, Messages, and Contacts from Your Phone.11.

Tap OK.12.

Tap Confirm.

You can also use your smartphone’s built-in microphone to make calls from your smartphone.

This will make it easier to talk with family and friends.

You can even make a phone call from your home phone.13.

Go to Settings.

Tap Call Quality.14.

Tap Advanced.15.

Tap Audio Quality.16.

Tap Voice Quality.17.

Tap Dialing Accuracy.18.

Tap Speak.19.

Tap Text.20.

Tap End Call.21. Tap Exit.

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