How to ditch the Tesla service center

A new service center in Las Vegas has gotten a lot of attention after a former Tesla employee said the company is not offering good customer service.

Tesla is reportedly closing its Las Vegas service center, which serves tens of thousands of Tesla owners.

A former Tesla customer service rep told Recode the company has been trying to work with Tesla for years and that Tesla has been offering “poor customer service,” though he declined to give specific details.

He said the center was in need of repair and that they would be “working to make sure it gets fixed.”

A Tesla spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Tesla was forced to suspend its Las Las Vegas store after a disgruntled former employee told employees to “leave the Tesla office immediately,” and that he would leave for California at the end of the month.

The employee, who has since been fired, said Tesla had promised him that they’d provide good customer support, but that he was being told to leave at the start of the year.

A spokeswoman for Tesla said the Tesla Las Vegas customer service center is “under investigation.”

“Tesla has been in discussions with the Department of Labor and Consumer Services to help address this issue,” a spokesperson said in an email.

“We’re working closely with the Labor Department and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to ensure that we have a robust system in place to respond to issues.”

A former employee who spoke with Recode said he was told to “make it go away” and that employees would be allowed to “go wherever they want” if they didn’t want to work for Tesla.

Tesla told RecODE it was not involved in this situation.

“There are so many Tesla employees,” the former employee said.

“It would be like if you didn’t have a job.

There are people who just don’t want it.

There is no way around that.

They just don [want] to work there.”

A spokesperson for Tesla told us that it “does not comment on internal matters.”

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