New $500,000 ‘motorcycle’ that ‘could literally be your car’ headline New $1.5 million bike can be used as a motor vehicle article Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular for urban commuting and commuting in public transport, with the New Zealand Motorcycle Association (NZMA) announcing it is now providing $500 per person per year for a “motorbike for the everyday”.

The NZMA’s Auckland office says its a one-year contract with the company to develop and manufacture a prototype, which it says could be sold to customers within months.

The NZ MA’s chief executive, Chris Brown, said the company had been approached by “hundreds of people” and was “thrilled to be able to bring this innovative technology to New Zealand.”

The NZMTA has been approached for comment.

Mr Brown said the Auckland office was still in discussions with the manufacturer.

“The bike can do all the things you could ever think of as a motorcycle, with some pretty special modifications to make it a motorcycle,” he said.

Mr Burns said the prototype was designed to make the motorcycle lighter and more efficient, but the Auckland offices had not yet been able to test it out on a public street.

“It will be the next step in the process of getting to that point, we’re very excited to get it to the road and make it the best motorcycle on the planet,” he added.

“And then we will see how it fares in the real world.”

Mr Burns and NZMA CEO Tim Dix said the bike was a “very innovative, very well thought-out” technology that could change the way we get around.

“We want to make this bike the first thing you see when you walk out the door, and that’s what we’re aiming for,” Mr Burns added.

The Auckland office has been contacted for comment and will update this story when we receive a response.

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