CNN: ‘I think it’s very concerning that the FBI is now looking into this. I think it should have been a matter of weeks ago’

CNN senior legal analyst Juan Zarate said Tuesday the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation is a “huge, huge story” and that the Justice Department’s investigation into the Clinton emails should be investigated as well.

He said he’s “skeptical” that the investigation into whether or not the foundation mishandled Clinton’s emails will result in criminal charges.

“I think the investigation that was launched over the summer and the investigation which was launched in September is a huge, huge investigation,” Zarate told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“I’m skeptical of that because the FBI has already interviewed some of the people who had access to the emails, the State Department employees who had the access to those emails.

And so, I’m very skeptical that it will lead to any prosecution, because I think the FBI was looking at those emails for over a year before they were even made public.”

FBI Director James Comey told Congress earlier this month that he is reviewing the emails from the private email server Hillary Clinton used while she was secretary of state, but he said there was no indication she broke any laws.

He also said he has no reason to believe the emails were mishandled or intentionally destroyed.

The FBI is looking into whether classified information was mishandled during the private server Clinton used as secretary of State.

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