US online bank is getting paid for serving US customers

The US online banking company PayPal is being paid by its US customers for service.

According to a filing to the Federal Communications Commission, the payment of PayPal’s US customers’ data and services through the payment service was made in 2016.

The payment was made to pay for PayPal’s efforts to enhance its customer service.

“PayPal’s US customer service team is being compensated by the payment processor for the use of their customers’ PayPal account information and data,” PayPal wrote.

The company said the payment was part of a “pay to play” scheme, in which the payment provider is paying companies for data and/or services, including advertising and promotion.

PayPal said in the filing that it had made this payment to “provide its US customer base with increased service, faster response times, and improved customer service”.

The filing also said PayPal’s “payment service” in the US was provided to “customers who use PayPal to make payments for PayPal-branded products and services”.

The payment was reportedly made to a US company called Digital Domain.

Payment companies are now required to disclose the payments made to their customers.

“We are committed to transparency, and have been working with our payment processors and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to address the issues of payment providers using payment data to target advertisements,” PayPal said in a statement.

“To date, the FTC has not received any formal complaints from our payment service users, but we continue to monitor the issue closely.

Payments made through PayPal are not the only forms of advertising that are being paid for by payment companies.

Many online advertising companies also pay companies for advertising on their sites.”

In addition to these paid-for ads, we are also required to pay advertising and other fees to our advertising partners, including Google AdSense, Microsoft AdSense and Facebook Ads,” PayPal explained.

Paypal’s US payment service is not the first time that the US payment processing company has been accused of paying for advertisements.

In December 2017, the New York Attorney General’s Office accused a payment processing service provider called Bittrex of paying websites for their ads and advertising revenue.

The company was later fined $1.5m for violating the Fairness Doctrine, which requires that internet service providers avoid discrimination against online users.

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