Airbnb’s new CEO is a fan of Silicon Valley

An employee from Airbnb, who wished to remain anonymous, said that Airbnb has hired a former senior executive of Microsoft, and he said that it’s a great hire for the company.

“We’re excited to announce the hiring of the former CEO of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Andrew Chen,” the employee said.

“He will join Airbnb as our new CEO.

I would also like to thank him for his hard work on the platform, and his contributions to Airbnb, and to our customers and partners.”

The employee added that Chen will have a lot of new things to do with the company, such as “building out the Airbnb ecosystem” and “improving customer service.”

Airbnb has been under intense scrutiny recently after allegations of a massive data breach in which users’ personal information was compromised.

The company was recently forced to temporarily suspend some of its services for a week due to security concerns.

In an interview with ABC News, Chen said that he has been working on a new platform that will bring the benefits of Airbnb to all users.

Airbnb will be adding a “mobile app,” and it will have its own data and analytics tools, Chen told ABC News.

“I’m really excited about it,” he said.

The company has been criticized by some for being too cozy with Microsoft, which is currently under fire for its use of encryption to keep its data private.

In October, Airbnb announced that it was moving to a new cloud platform that would require users to sign up for an app called Azure instead of the more secure, enterprise-style cloud service that Microsoft uses.

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