Air conditioning service credit rating downgraded by credit rating agency

The Canadian Consumer Credit Protection Bureau has downgraded the credit ratings of some companies with air conditioning services.

The bureau said Thursday it has changed the way it calculates the credit rating of those companies, saying it will now look at how those services were used.

“While we appreciate the work of the bureau in its recent review of the creditworthiness of some of the air conditioning service providers it has determined that the current rating of some air conditioning providers is no longer warranted,” the bureau said in a statement.

The air conditioning company that the bureau cited in its decision is Blue Sky Air Conditioning.

The company says it is in the process of revoking the credit score of the company.

Blue Sky was ranked No. 1 in Canada by, the first Canadian credit score to go downgraded in more than a decade.

It is also the highest rated company on its own terms.

The credit bureau said that the rating of Blue Sky was not warranted because it has used air conditioning to heat homes for more than 100 years and does not maintain a heating system.

The Bureau also said Blue Sky does not comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act and that it has been using unsafe and dangerous equipment.

“The bureau has not found that the company has taken adequate measures to prevent the risk of exposure to airborne contaminants,” the statement said.

“It is also not reasonably safe to operate air conditioners at temperatures exceeding 120 degrees Celsius in the home, and there are no reasonable safeguards in place to ensure that the equipment is properly maintained.”CBC News reached out to Blue Sky for comment.

A spokesperson for the bureau told CBC News it has no comment on the decision.

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