How to protect yourself from PGE customer service fraud

PGE customers have complained of widespread fraud and misappropriation of customer data from their personal financial information on a range of platforms including PayPal, eBay and Google Play.

But what happens when your PGE account is hacked?

According to a blog post by Privacy International, one of the UK’s leading privacy advocacy groups, PGE is being used as a front for an online market for counterfeit goods and services.

The UK-based company said the “robbery and fraudsters are using the service to engage in a widespread, multi-pronged attack against the UK financial system” by collecting customers’ credit card numbers and other sensitive personal data, and then selling it to criminals.

Privacy International said:”They are using a platform like PayPal, which is the largest in the world, to accept payments from fraudulent customers and then to charge a fee for it.”

“In order to ensure that the fraudulent charges are processed as quickly as possible, the fraudsters need to use a large number of people who have no idea about the security measures in place at the PGE payment platform.”PGE said the fraudulent charge would not be processed unless a customer confirmed that they are not a PGE user.

However, Privacy International said a number of consumers had received “fake” PayPal offers from PMEs, in which they were given an alternative credit card that could be used for online shopping and to make payments.

Privacy Institute vice president for research, Matt Witherspoon, said: “If a PME is selling a counterfeit credit card to a consumer, they are clearly not the customer.”

“When the fraudster then attempts to charge the fraud victim the counterfeit card, they have no way of knowing if the fraud is actually being committed by the frauder or if it’s the fraud.”

In response to Privacy International’s allegations, PIE said that its “robust security protocols” were in place to “protect customers and help protect PGE”.

The company said it was aware of the complaints but declined to comment further.

Privacy concerns over PGE’s use of the PIE payment platform came to light when Privacy International revealed that one of its members, a British woman, had been told by PGE to stop using the PME app and pay a $3,500 fine, but was allowed to continue using the app to make purchases online.

The company also said it had been unable to find any PGE salespeople or agents in the UK.

However Privacy International warned that if PGE does continue to use PIE as a payment platform, it could face legal action.PGE did not respond to questions about how the fraudulent account was created.

However in response to the claims, Privacy Institute director Matt Wetherspoon said: “”We’re not sure whether this person has a legitimate reason for having the account.

The bank has to be aware that there’s an account there.””

The account has to show that you’ve been a customer of the company, and you’ve had access to their banking system.

“We don’t know whether it’s legitimate or not, but the point is, if this person is making fraudulent payments, they’re probably getting into a very precarious position.”

The PGE spokesperson said that if customers were concerned about PGE, they could contact the company directly.

“Unfortunately, due to the nature of PGE transactions, customers cannot opt out of having their personal details used in the PSE transaction,” she said.

“If a customer has concerns about their personal information being used, they should contact PGE and we’ll work with them to resolve the issue.”

Privacy International also highlighted the growing use of fake PayPal offers and other scams by PIE, including a recent investigation into fraudulent credit card offers from the online payment platform PayPal.

The investigation into the fraudulent PayPal offer revealed that PayPal and PGE have been linked in some cases.

Privacy UK’s Matt Witter said: “PayPal and PSE have been both accused of taking advantage of their customer bases by using fake offers.

If this is true, it’s an alarming development.””

It shows that there are a number to be concerned about, and that the UK needs to have a robust security system in place.””

We also think the PPE payment service needs to be updated to prevent fraudulent uses of the service.”

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